Nine Ideas to Make Your Employees Track Time


Employee time tracking is really popular among service companies, and it is simple to see why. Time tracking can provide you real-time visibility, better staff efficiency and greater commercial profitability of your projects. What business owner does not need those advantages? Therefore, how do you obtain your staff on board with the time tracking? Is it promising to get them, excite, enthusiastic or at least want to record their time? Here are top 9 tips for seamless implementation of time tracking systems.

1) Ditch the Paper, Join the Cloud

Who needs to complete tedious timesheets calculator on a daily basis? Nobody likes administrative paper. Your crusty old big pen is running out of ink, you may remember how to write by hand, and the data simply ends up lost in a pile of messy desks. It has been so long since the work was finished that you may remember what you did anyway. And to make matters worse, a year later you spend three hours sitting next to a paper shredder to protect the confidentiality of your business.

2) Make Time Tracking Easy

By using a mobile job management application, employees can literally enter their time from anywhere. This provides them more independence to work on the fly. When a job is completed, they only touch the hours on their phone, rather than entering the office again to record it physically. By emphasizing these advantages, you will have a much better opportunity to get employees to follow the clock.

3) Explain the Justification

It is very crucial to maintain a sense of trust between employee and management. You do not desire employees to recognize time tracking as a disciplinary or Big Brother type action. This means that you want to completely explain your justifications for applying time tracking.

4) Have Clear Rules and Guidelines

If staffs do not recognize what is expected of them, they will surely be apathetic. Ensure you have clear and clear rules and regulations to follow. If the staffs arrive at a construction site and begin the day with an informal meeting, when should they begin tracking time? Does the time needed to change the work team count as the time invested in a project? Encourage your staff to ask each question imaginable. Then draw up a few clear procedures so everybody is very confident about how to track their time accurately. See more.

5) Devote Time to Training

One more essential step is to teach the employees how to use the free time tracking software. Do not expect everybody to learn at the similar speed. Many of your employees may be reluctant or technophobic to learn an original program. It is just your work to instill confidence in them, and this means dedicating time for training, education and softening teething issues.

6) Avoid Public Shaming

If you were the slowest writer that day, everybody in the office could see it. Unneeded to say, the employees were continually stressed and the morale was abysmal. Did this public shaming help the organization? Not really. Creativity was low. Employees pushed out mediocre work to obtain their get faster, clients preferred a tone of complaints about quality, and staff turnover was excessive.

7) Ask for Comments

After implementing any new procedure, it is very important to ask staff for feedback, and time tracking is no exclusion. But if you are convinced that you have chosen the right time tracking software employee may have ideas on better ways to use it or suggestions on company terms and conditions.

8) Use Incentives

Just depending on the kind of business you run, you may want to provide incentives to staff to correctly track their time. Whether you do not want to pressure employees to do a quick job, you could instead propose rewards for following the time tracking systems constantly.

9) Have the Team Leaders Try It First

If you are making a big change, sometimes it is superior to do it regularly. You may want to introduce team leaders to time tracking first. When they have been trained and happy with the procedure, they can help the rest of the team participate with their power.

In fact, free time tracking software has many benefits for employees. Be sure to emphasize this. By using an effective piece of software, you will not have to spend time with paper attendance sheets or reports by email. They can get to Friday night drinks faster rather than staying up late with the tedious administrator! For more details, visit:

Why You Ought to Take a Closer Look at Your Employee Time Tracking System

Businessman Looking at Clock

You may not know it yet, but your business can be losing money from the old methods of employee time tracking. Time clocks and timesheets are especially vulnerable to inaccuracies and dishonest contributions. Several employees are known to fill in their time sheets to make it appear that they worked longer than they actually did.

Time clocks are very easy to cheat. Buddy punching is a practice in which an employee can mark another employee’s time card in his absence. Therefore, that employee may be late or even skip work completely and still receive payment anyway. With a reliable employee time tracking system, organizations can enjoy many benefits, including:

Reduced Manpower and Paperwork

Older time tracking systems require the use of paper and manpower. With the proper application, the hours that an employee spends working on a project or task will be stored openly, automatically sent to the department of human resources and computed. Through this procedure, the calculations are much more precise and there is an important reduction in the documentation involved.

Minimize Dishonesty among Employees

Electronic systems need a much more restrictive process of controlling the time that employees spend on specific tasks and projects. Therefore, attempts to manipulate time or assistance are almost eliminated.

Minimal Errors in Computations

A common problem that often affects the payroll staff is the presence of errors in the final reports of the physically made time sheets. Errors in entries are frequent, so they are errors in the precise calculations for employees in flexible hours and those who work in shifts. The schedules of employees who deliver work from remote locations can also cause a few confusion. With employee time tracking systems, this issue is definitely eliminated. More details.

Easy Access to Employee Information

In general, when employees require getting information about their holidays, vacations and sick days, they should be referred to the Human Resources Department. With employee time tracking systems in place, employees themselves can log in and view this information on their personal computers. It is not necessary to hire administrative staff to monitor the relevant data.

Cost Effectiveness of Resources Used for Projects Is Determined

Companies know that time is money. The time that employees spend in a certain task or project is translated into money since they are paid for it. Salaries and related expenditures paid to employees during the project time are computed together with other expenditures to determine if the project is profitable or not. Knowing how much is put into a project will assist companies to know their ROI and determine if a project is advantageous or not for its objectives. If they cannot correctly calculate this expenditure, they might lose money on a project and not know until it is too late.

Employee Performance Is Easier to See and Evaluate

To determine employee production, managers will usually take a look at the time employee’s spend on a particular task and compare it with their results. This will help establish if an employee is a competent worker or not and compare their production with other employees in the similar department. Performance is easier to assess based on the information provided by a competent employee time tracking system.

Employee time tracking has become a science today, thanks to advanced and developed recording and monitoring systems. Learn more information about how it can benefit your business and, finally, contribute to your bottom line. To find out more, check out

How to Overcome Employee Resistance to Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking Software

An important tool for eliminating much of the transactional, handling activities related to payroll is time tracking software. The American Payroll Association (APA) estimates those 7 minutes are sent to each employee timesheet, and more time is delayed tracking down late submissions and fixing timesheet errors. But traditionally, people have been resistant to time tracking, for many reasons:

·         They cannot remember to do it.

·         They find the tedious watching the clock and report their hours.

·         They feel that it is injected and takes too much time away from their real work.

·         The time management software interface is not intuitive or very easy to use.

·         They cannot access their time tracking software on the road or on the field.

Educate Employees on Why They Are Doing It

If you bill buyers for your hours, this is easy. Without good tracking software, it is durable to pay for the time you spend on a project. Many buyers just want to see a list of activities that have been aborted before they write a check. If you are not paid, the staff will not be used long. Require that the maintenance of the company and all of its employees depends on exact time tracking and management.

If you use time tracking software for project cost, you must explain to your staff that it is necessary to compute for the completion of project activities. Invalid time management can lead to unexpected overtime, exceeding the budget, bad planning, or canceling the project.

Send Email Reminders

Various time management software solutions offer automatically email reminders to users to fill out, approve or submit timesheets. This property eliminates the necessity to make personal contact or employees regarding delayed approvals or late timesheet submissions. Also, it removes the worry of the user’s mind, because they do not have to worry about doing it individually.

Account for Time Spent On Projects and Tasks

Keeping track of how much time people spend at different jobs, stimulates productivity and is a great help for employees reviews. If employees know that you want to use time tracking software in their estimation, they will be interested to fill out timesheets with consistency and accuracy.

Provide Incentives

The use of bonuses or other representatives as an incentive, or making healthy competition among office teams, is an optimistic way to apply consistently, complete data collection of any type, and can also be used for the time management. Try to give a free lunch to the team that changes consistently in timesheets on time for a fiscal quarter, or gives gift cards to employees which have no fault in their timesheets for a month. This process not only encourages camaraderie at co-workers, it rewards them for being careful, and it’s fun!

Fortunately, time tracking software is changing and new cloud-based solutions create access and use more easily or ever. Many time management software providers have mobile apps used to report on a smartphone or other mobile device while on the road or on the field. In addition, time tracking software interfaces are also friendly. In spite of all this progress, overwhelming resistance among employees may need extra tactics. Visit:

Management of employees

Management of employees

Many companies are working across the world with a lot of employees working over there. The management of employee’s schedule and payroll services is not an easy task to accomplish. These can be managed by various free time clock software. Much free online time clock software is available on the websites.

Many employers face difficulty in keeping a schedule to keep an eye on the check in and check out of the employees. There are multiple manual ways to keep a record of this. In this era of modern technology multiple free online time clock software has been devised that provide with the incentive of the free online time clock. This free time clock software is regularly updated to the advanced mode with the addition of incentives every time.


Some of these free time clock software allow the employers to take a photo as the employee check in and as soon as the employee checks out. These free time clock software has been upgraded to provide payroll services to the employers and employee. These are set automatically and manage the services.

Management of employees

Benefits for the employer:

These advanced technology free time clock software advanced mobile technology with which they employers can keep an eye on the schedule of the employees with great ease. This free time clock software allows the employers to send notifications to the employee. Also, visit our post for more to know. Employers can also have a track of the location of the employees. These also allow the organizations to set schedule of the employees beforehand without any difficulty. The companies can also find the vacation schedule of the employs as well.

Benefits to the employee:

These free online time clocks also give an advantage to the employees to check their in and out move, take a look at their schedule and can enter their requests for leave on an advanced basis.

Retailers of free online time clock software:

Some of the free online time clock software is listed below:

  • Anuko time tracker
  • CKZ time clock
  • Kimai
  • Open time clock
  • PHP time clock
  • Time Clock MTS
  • Time clock wizard
  • Time Trex

These websites provide free online time clock software. All of these free online time clock software can be downloaded totally free from the website and can be used free of cost. All of this hosts a different number of employees free of cost. Up gradation of this free online time clock may require an additional fee. These free online time clock software can be easily run on Mac, Windows, and Linux. If you not satisfied visit here. These can also give a point out the summary on demand. Some of these even allow keeping a record of the attendance via finger print of the employee. They also notify the employee of any change in the schedule and timing via text messages and emails.

Fee of software:

These free online time clock software may charge the employers via merchant accounts, web-design, and small business loans, which they keep on promoting day by day from their dashboard.

With the use of these free online time clock software, many employers can utilize its advantages to managing their employee in time useful and profitable efficient manner. These free online time clock software are an asset for businesses.

Time and Labor Management Software Trials: 4 Reasons to Try before You Buy


The free online time clock is a cloud-based solution designed for all types of employees that make it easier to collect attendance and time of data, accurate payroll processing and ensuring labor compliance. Like all good relationships whereby the rule of thumb is to stay with your partner for sometime before settling down permanently to make sure that you are not only compatible but can tolerate each other to live happily together.

The same case applies to a free time clock software .one should take advantage of the free time clock software trials before committing resources of both time and money. Several reasons should make trying before buying essential for a person.

Reduce work-related hardship

Most organizations take advantage of the time and attendance system. It is important to ensure that the free online time clock software is not only more efficient than the time and attendance system it is supposed to replace, but it is also easy for the employees to use. Mistakes and inefficiencies associated with the introduction of the new software should decrease within a few days if at all the staffis adapting to the new software well. Click here for more information :

It should, however, raise a red flag if employees are by the end of the trial period still struggling with the new software, as such inefficiencies may be carried forward even past the trial period when a licensed version of the software purchased.

The software should not be difficult or confusing to set up as this may indicate that the software may not be easy to understand without a reasoning process.

Time clock software that fits the organization

In a dating relationship, it is important to see your partners at their worst and their best to learn how they respond to different situations and to understand what one is getting them self into. The Same case applies to the free time clock software .the free trial should not only be fully functional but should be the exact software you will be required to buy by the end of the trial period. Check here.

Software that is a limited feature set or worse still is a remote demonstration not adequate for one to know that it will perfectly fit the needs of the business. One should also make sure that the information entered during the free trial will not need to be keyed in again once you buy the licensed version.

The software supports the business payroll rules

It is the free time clock software trail should be used within a complete payroll period. This ensures;

  • the program can handle the business’ payroll cycle
  • overtime settings and rounding rules
  • the program concurrently with the preexisting current time and attendance system so that in the casedeficiencies they may surface

Program works within your office configuration

Cutting down on unexpected expenses it is important to ensure that the program works within the existing office infrastructure. It is also possible for one to know the computers that need to upgrade to and the ones that meet the system requirements.

It is important to track your employees of how much time they have put in the job it also serves as a guide for computation of their employee time tracking software is thus essential for any particular organization.

Does Your School Need Time Clock Software?

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Schools and universities should have time clock software so that they can be able to manage their employees and students. The time clock software enables you to know the class attendance of students and also the hours that the students attended the class. This is very important in a school as it enables the school management to know the students that are absent and those that are present. The good thing with the time clock software is that it makes the honest people to remain honest. Having a free employee time tracking software enables you to manage your school well and also keep records of employees and students’ attendance.

Most private businesses today employ the time clock software so that they are able to make work easier especially in controlling and keeping track of overtime and regular hours that been worked. This makes it easy for you to prepare the payroll and know the way to manage your teachers. Schools use the attendance software in solving several time tracking problems. There are several reasons why schools use time track services and some of the main reasons are:

Used in reporting classroom hours

Most schools have the time clock software in reporting the hours that students are in class and when they are out. Most adult and technical education schools usually have this software for reporting the number of hours that have been used in training especially in the technical fields. It makes attendance requirements to be met with easy because students only punch in while entering their classrooms. Students’ learning time is easily tracked using this software. Make sure to have a clocking in and out policy in place.

Helps in simplifying the employee payroll

Employee payroll management is very important in an organization and this can be easily done by use of the time clock software. Non-salaried employees in a school are paid hourly and therefore it is important to have this software in your school. The private industries are the ones that are fond of using this time clock software but despite this it is also important for you to have this software in your business or school so that you can be able to process your payroll faster. Schools mainly use online employee scheduling for custodial workers, bus drivers, administrative employees, food service staff and teachers who are paid hourly or overtime. It is important for schools to keep the accountability of the hours that the employees work so that they can be paid in accordance with the hours that they worked.

Track the student workers

The use of time and the attendance software helps the school in knowing the hours that have been worked by the student workers. Such workers may be offering voluntary services or as paid student workers. This is something that is very common especially in most colleges and universities today. The payroll department gets the report on the student work hours and then they check it and pay the students for their services.  For financial aid obligations to be met or for one to be paid salary or for overtime, the time clock software gives reports on your attendance hence making it easy for you to be paid.

Payroll Time Clocks Have Developed

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Payroll time clocks have evolved as technology has evolved over the last century. Now it is rare to find supervisors who vouch for employees presence on the job, paper time sheets where the employee marks his or her own time in and time out, or manual card punch machines that simply show time in and time out. Todays payroll time clocks offer so much more. They are intelligent, secure and cost saving.

Payroll time clocks come in many different versions but most are user friendly and economical. Costs have gone down and now systems offer many more features the earlier models. Payroll time clock systems are now include the system used for employees to punch in and out as well as a software support system the calculates the hours worked, overtime, vacations, and benefits. Of growing concern to both employees and employers are the complex rules and regulations affecting break time and whether this is paid or not. The most recent payroll time clocks have software support to calculate the applicable rates.

The payroll time clocks are user friendly and easy to use. Employees get a kick out of the clock that says Hello and Goodbye. Some models can even do this in Spanish and French to accommodate minority workers. Employees especially enjoy the clock that shows them exactly how many hours they have worked in a week when they clock in or out.

Administrators like the time saving features available with the new payroll time clocks. By calculating the employees hours and overtime, payroll preparation time can be slashed in half. The software interfaces with known accounting and payroll programs such as QuickBooks, PayChex, ADP and ASCII for ease in creating payrolls and other reports. In addition, the reports file on the newer models may have up to 40 standard reports included for the convenience of the employer.

The very latest models of payroll time clock systems have improved security. The latest systems use proximity cards. These new smart cards use radio signals to punch in and out and even grant access to restricted areas. Magnetic cards are also good, but they wear out faster than the proximity cards. Pin entries, unless used with biometrics, are unreliable as buddy punching can still occur.

Biometrics offers the most secure system and includes fingerprint recognition, hand recognition and retinal scans. Fingerprint recognition is the less reliable of the two. Older fingers have less clear prints, wet hands tend to fade out, and certain workers such as gardeners and laundry handler generally dont have good fingerprints. The more secure of the two is the hand punch where the workers hand is recognized in three dimensions. It is 100% secure and preferred in airports where security is imperative. Retinal scans are still rare and not been as well received as the other two biometric systems.

Information On Employee Time Clock

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Employee time clock is a system to monitor attendance of employees in an organization. It is useful for companies to keep track over the employees total number of working hours. This calculation helps in the easy payment of the salary at the end of the month.

There are various such machines used in different offices. The employees have to punch in and out at their arrival and departure time respectively.

The importance and value of the employee time clocks are felt most at the time of payroll process. At this time, the employees get what they deserve according to the total number of their working hours. The employees who work on the hourly basis get help from such time clocks to keep a track of their total number of hours worked. The companies use the employee time clock for accurate calculation of salary by analyzing the record of the total number of hours worked by every employee every month.

With the accurate salary calculation, employee grievances are also reducing. Thus, the satisfaction level increases.

Mostly, the employees use cards that they swipe along a slot. The machine reads the name and records the clocked time. The computer automatically adds up the payroll hours. After the completion of the pay week, the computer tallies the hours and imprints of the employee and prints them out on a spreadsheet. This results in improving the efficiency of the process of the payroll by getting rid of the human mistakes. Find out more tips here:

This clock is normally located at the main entrance or the break room area. The individuals who don’t get paid for the lunch breaks have to clock out during lunch-time. However, no company gives the permission to an employee to clock in the timing of another employee. This is completely unethical and may lead to punishment by the company.

It is best to locate the employee time clock at the entrance of the office or building so that the employees don’t forget to clock their time in and out. This way, the employees also become cautious and result in better efficiency contributing towards the success of the company

The advancement in technology has improved employee time clocks. Today, new time clocks having additional features and benefits are available. Biometric time clocks and Web-based time clocks are the latest inventions.

Thus, an employee time clock is a foolproof solution to many woes of a company. Its increasing popularity is a testimony to this.

Buy Online Time Cards

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Buying or using online time cards can save your business both time and money. Virtually all businesses need some way of keeping track of employee hours and schedules. Time cards are one way of recording the exact time that your employees have worked and to assess problems like absenteeism or lateness.

Some business uses traditional punch clocks and paper time cards. These systems tend to be very easy to use for employees, who can punch in and out of work quickly. To use these traditional clocks, you need to stock a time card for each employee per pay period.

You can buy paper time cards online at various retailers. They come in different styles and sizes so look for one that will work with the punch clock you currently have installed. Sometimes you can get an extra discount for bulk purchases, and as you want to keep plenty on hand, this can often save you money.

Businesses are also using online time cards. There are several ways that the information can be collected. What works for one business may not work for another so consider how different options will work with your current configuration. You want to consider your payroll process, access to the time clock, equipment cost, and administrative record keeping costs.

One option is to have employees fill out online time cards via a special website or program. You can have your employees input information like the hours worked on certain projects or the overall hours worked for each pay period. Depending on the invoice set up, you may be able to extract the information from other software programs for payroll or other reports.

Another option is to work with an online company that offers various ways of tracking employee attendance. With such companies, an internet connection is needed and is connected to a card reader, biometric fingerprint reader, a dedicated computer, or a web browser. You can choose the method that works best for you and your company situation.

This option offers some advantages to companies including the ability to customize reports on employee hours, track who is working in real time, and make it so that employees need to enter their information from particular computers to prevent sign-ins from home or other locations. Many of these companies handle many of the payroll processes for you as well, which can save you time and money in administration costs.

Businesses have many options when it comes to recording employee attendance. What you choose for your business will depend on the costs involved, ease of use, and your business set up. You may want to buy online time cards for use with a traditional punch clock. You could also use an online time card through a web browser or an online company.

Going Paperless with Online Time Clock Software

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It is really possible to go paperless with using online time clock software. More and more people are starting to see the importance of being more eco-friendly, even with their businesses and education centers. Using new technology like the time clock software will make it easier to use less paper in the workplace. Here’s how it is really possible to go paperless with the online time clock software.

Using the time clock instead of time cards

We all know the systems where the employees using clock cards or time cards to prove their working hours. And, we all know that these time cards are using paper. Lots of papers for each employee a month.

However, if you’re using great online time clock software, you will be able to manage the employees hours using the software and not paper. This is not only eco-friendly, but it is making the company more efficient. There can so easily be mistakes made with time cards, because of human error or an employee that’s trying to get more money than what he worked for.


How many books does your company use for your payroll each year? And, do you really know how many trees that will be in ten year’s time?  Some of the best online time clock software has also some payroll features that will make it even easier and better to pay your employee’s salaries at the end of the month.

Making use of this software isn’t just more efficient, but will also assist in saving paper and trees. You will not need all those books a year for your payroll if you’re making use of the best time clock software. Calculating worker or student clock hours has never been easier.

Other administration tasks

There’s so many administration tasks that a company needs to do. And, if you don’t make use of the latest technology, you’re going to use lots of paper each day. This is really unnecessary to use this much paper. With the administration tasks, we’re talking about managing overtime,  leave, sick leave and all these other forms that needs to be filled out to control everything and making sure that no employee gets more leave than agreed on, or gets paid less than what they actually has worked. Especially with over time.

Using this easy time clock software, you will never need to manage any administration task by paper again. You will have a software that’s going to do all these tasks for you, and you will have everything more organized than before.

We don’t really think about all the paper that we’re using on a daily basis. But, as soon as we want to start having an eco-friendly company, then you’re really realize how much paper you’re actually using a day. And how many trees it will be in 10 years. Using all this paper is really a waste of your time and money. You can really use less paper when you’re making use of the best possible online time clock software for your business or company.