Nine Ideas to Make Your Employees Track Time


Employee time tracking is really popular among service companies, and it is simple to see why. Time tracking can provide you real-time visibility, better staff efficiency and greater commercial profitability of your projects. What business owner does not need those advantages? Therefore, how do you obtain your staff on board with the time tracking? Is it promising to get them, excite, enthusiastic or at least want to record their time? Here are top 9 tips for seamless implementation of time tracking systems.

1) Ditch the Paper, Join the Cloud

Who needs to complete tedious timesheets calculator on a daily basis? Nobody likes administrative paper. Your crusty old big pen is running out of ink, you may remember how to write by hand, and the data simply ends up lost in a pile of messy desks. It has been so long since the work was finished that you may remember what you did anyway. And to make matters worse, a year later you spend three hours sitting next to a paper shredder to protect the confidentiality of your business.

2) Make Time Tracking Easy

By using a mobile job management application, employees can literally enter their time from anywhere. This provides them more independence to work on the fly. When a job is completed, they only touch the hours on their phone, rather than entering the office again to record it physically. By emphasizing these advantages, you will have a much better opportunity to get employees to follow the clock.

3) Explain the Justification

It is very crucial to maintain a sense of trust between employee and management. You do not desire employees to recognize time tracking as a disciplinary or Big Brother type action. This means that you want to completely explain your justifications for applying time tracking.

4) Have Clear Rules and Guidelines

If staffs do not recognize what is expected of them, they will surely be apathetic. Ensure you have clear and clear rules and regulations to follow. If the staffs arrive at a construction site and begin the day with an informal meeting, when should they begin tracking time? Does the time needed to change the work team count as the time invested in a project? Encourage your staff to ask each question imaginable. Then draw up a few clear procedures so everybody is very confident about how to track their time accurately. See more.

5) Devote Time to Training

One more essential step is to teach the employees how to use the free time tracking software. Do not expect everybody to learn at the similar speed. Many of your employees may be reluctant or technophobic to learn an original program. It is just your work to instill confidence in them, and this means dedicating time for training, education and softening teething issues.

6) Avoid Public Shaming

If you were the slowest writer that day, everybody in the office could see it. Unneeded to say, the employees were continually stressed and the morale was abysmal. Did this public shaming help the organization? Not really. Creativity was low. Employees pushed out mediocre work to obtain their get faster, clients preferred a tone of complaints about quality, and staff turnover was excessive.

7) Ask for Comments

After implementing any new procedure, it is very important to ask staff for feedback, and time tracking is no exclusion. But if you are convinced that you have chosen the right time tracking software employee may have ideas on better ways to use it or suggestions on company terms and conditions.

8) Use Incentives

Just depending on the kind of business you run, you may want to provide incentives to staff to correctly track their time. Whether you do not want to pressure employees to do a quick job, you could instead propose rewards for following the time tracking systems constantly.

9) Have the Team Leaders Try It First

If you are making a big change, sometimes it is superior to do it regularly. You may want to introduce team leaders to time tracking first. When they have been trained and happy with the procedure, they can help the rest of the team participate with their power.

In fact, free time tracking software has many benefits for employees. Be sure to emphasize this. By using an effective piece of software, you will not have to spend time with paper attendance sheets or reports by email. They can get to Friday night drinks faster rather than staying up late with the tedious administrator! For more details, visit:

Information On Employee Time Clock

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Employee time clock is a system to monitor attendance of employees in an organization. It is useful for companies to keep track over the employees total number of working hours. This calculation helps in the easy payment of the salary at the end of the month.

There are various such machines used in different offices. The employees have to punch in and out at their arrival and departure time respectively.

The importance and value of the employee time clocks are felt most at the time of payroll process. At this time, the employees get what they deserve according to the total number of their working hours. The employees who work on the hourly basis get help from such time clocks to keep a track of their total number of hours worked. The companies use the employee time clock for accurate calculation of salary by analyzing the record of the total number of hours worked by every employee every month.

With the accurate salary calculation, employee grievances are also reducing. Thus, the satisfaction level increases.

Mostly, the employees use cards that they swipe along a slot. The machine reads the name and records the clocked time. The computer automatically adds up the payroll hours. After the completion of the pay week, the computer tallies the hours and imprints of the employee and prints them out on a spreadsheet. This results in improving the efficiency of the process of the payroll by getting rid of the human mistakes. Find out more tips here:

This clock is normally located at the main entrance or the break room area. The individuals who don’t get paid for the lunch breaks have to clock out during lunch-time. However, no company gives the permission to an employee to clock in the timing of another employee. This is completely unethical and may lead to punishment by the company.

It is best to locate the employee time clock at the entrance of the office or building so that the employees don’t forget to clock their time in and out. This way, the employees also become cautious and result in better efficiency contributing towards the success of the company

The advancement in technology has improved employee time clocks. Today, new time clocks having additional features and benefits are available. Biometric time clocks and Web-based time clocks are the latest inventions.

Thus, an employee time clock is a foolproof solution to many woes of a company. Its increasing popularity is a testimony to this.