Time and Labor Management Software Trials: 4 Reasons to Try before You Buy


The free online time clock is a cloud-based solution designed for all types of employees that make it easier to collect attendance and time of data, accurate payroll processing and ensuring labor compliance. Like all good relationships whereby the rule of thumb is to stay with your partner for sometime before settling down permanently to make sure that you are not only compatible but can tolerate each other to live happily together.

The same case applies to a free time clock software .one should take advantage of the free time clock software trials before committing resources of both time and money. Several reasons should make trying before buying essential for a person.

Reduce work-related hardship

Most organizations take advantage of the time and attendance system. It is important to ensure that the free online time clock software is not only more efficient than the time and attendance system it is supposed to replace, but it is also easy for the employees to use. Mistakes and inefficiencies associated with the introduction of the new software should decrease within a few days if at all the staffis adapting to the new software well. Click here for more information : Timeclockgenie.com

It should, however, raise a red flag if employees are by the end of the trial period still struggling with the new software, as such inefficiencies may be carried forward even past the trial period when a licensed version of the software purchased.

The software should not be difficult or confusing to set up as this may indicate that the software may not be easy to understand without a reasoning process.

Time clock software that fits the organization

In a dating relationship, it is important to see your partners at their worst and their best to learn how they respond to different situations and to understand what one is getting them self into. The Same case applies to the free time clock software .the free trial should not only be fully functional but should be the exact software you will be required to buy by the end of the trial period. Check here.

Software that is a limited feature set or worse still is a remote demonstration not adequate for one to know that it will perfectly fit the needs of the business. One should also make sure that the information entered during the free trial will not need to be keyed in again once you buy the licensed version.

The software supports the business payroll rules

It is the free time clock software trail should be used within a complete payroll period. This ensures;

  • the program can handle the business’ payroll cycle
  • overtime settings and rounding rules
  • the program concurrently with the preexisting current time and attendance system so that in the casedeficiencies they may surface

Program works within your office configuration

Cutting down on unexpected expenses it is important to ensure that the program works within the existing office infrastructure. It is also possible for one to know the computers that need to upgrade to and the ones that meet the system requirements.

It is important to track your employees of how much time they have put in the job it also serves as a guide for computation of their salaries.free employee time tracking software is thus essential for any particular organization.

Does Your School Need Time Clock Software?

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Schools and universities should have time clock software so that they can be able to manage their employees and students. The time clock software enables you to know the class attendance of students and also the hours that the students attended the class. This is very important in a school as it enables the school management to know the students that are absent and those that are present. The good thing with the time clock software is that it makes the honest people to remain honest. Having a free employee time tracking software enables you to manage your school well and also keep records of employees and students’ attendance.

Most private businesses today employ the time clock software so that they are able to make work easier especially in controlling and keeping track of overtime and regular hours that been worked. This makes it easy for you to prepare the payroll and know the way to manage your teachers. Schools use the attendance software in solving several time tracking problems. There are several reasons why schools use time track services and some of the main reasons are:

Used in reporting classroom hours

Most schools have the time clock software in reporting the hours that students are in class and when they are out. Most adult and technical education schools usually have this software for reporting the number of hours that have been used in training especially in the technical fields. It makes attendance requirements to be met with easy because students only punch in while entering their classrooms. Students’ learning time is easily tracked using this software. Make sure to have a clocking in and out policy in place.

Helps in simplifying the employee payroll

Employee payroll management is very important in an organization and this can be easily done by use of the time clock software. Non-salaried employees in a school are paid hourly and therefore it is important to have this software in your school. The private industries are the ones that are fond of using this time clock software but despite this it is also important for you to have this software in your business or school so that you can be able to process your payroll faster. Schools mainly use online employee scheduling for custodial workers, bus drivers, administrative employees, food service staff and teachers who are paid hourly or overtime. It is important for schools to keep the accountability of the hours that the employees work so that they can be paid in accordance with the hours that they worked.

Track the student workers

The use of time and the attendance software helps the school in knowing the hours that have been worked by the student workers. Such workers may be offering voluntary services or as paid student workers. This is something that is very common especially in most colleges and universities today. The payroll department gets the report on the student work hours and then they check it and pay the students for their services.  For financial aid obligations to be met or for one to be paid salary or for overtime, the time clock software gives reports on your attendance hence making it easy for you to be paid.

Payroll Time Clocks Have Developed

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Payroll time clocks have evolved as technology has evolved over the last century. Now it is rare to find supervisors who vouch for employees presence on the job, paper time sheets where the employee marks his or her own time in and time out, or manual card punch machines that simply show time in and time out. Todays payroll time clocks offer so much more. They are intelligent, secure and cost saving.

Payroll time clocks come in many different versions but most are user friendly and economical. Costs have gone down and now systems offer many more features the earlier models. Payroll time clock systems are now include the system used for employees to punch in and out as well as a software support system the calculates the hours worked, overtime, vacations, and benefits. Of growing concern to both employees and employers are the complex rules and regulations affecting break time and whether this is paid or not. The most recent payroll time clocks have software support to calculate the applicable rates.

The payroll time clocks are user friendly and easy to use. Employees get a kick out of the clock that says Hello and Goodbye. Some models can even do this in Spanish and French to accommodate minority workers. Employees especially enjoy the clock that shows them exactly how many hours they have worked in a week when they clock in or out.

Administrators like the time saving features available with the new payroll time clocks. By calculating the employees hours and overtime, payroll preparation time can be slashed in half. The software interfaces with known accounting and payroll programs such as QuickBooks, PayChex, ADP and ASCII for ease in creating payrolls and other reports. In addition, the reports file on the newer models may have up to 40 standard reports included for the convenience of the employer.

The very latest models of payroll time clock systems have improved security. The latest systems use proximity cards. These new smart cards use radio signals to punch in and out and even grant access to restricted areas. Magnetic cards are also good, but they wear out faster than the proximity cards. Pin entries, unless used with biometrics, are unreliable as buddy punching can still occur.

Biometrics offers the most secure system and includes fingerprint recognition, hand recognition and retinal scans. Fingerprint recognition is the less reliable of the two. Older fingers have less clear prints, wet hands tend to fade out, and certain workers such as gardeners and laundry handler generally dont have good fingerprints. The more secure of the two is the hand punch where the workers hand is recognized in three dimensions. It is 100% secure and preferred in airports where security is imperative. Retinal scans are still rare and not been as well received as the other two biometric systems.

Information On Employee Time Clock

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Employee time clock is a system to monitor attendance of employees in an organization. It is useful for companies to keep track over the employees total number of working hours. This calculation helps in the easy payment of the salary at the end of the month.

There are various such machines used in different offices. The employees have to punch in and out at their arrival and departure time respectively.

The importance and value of the employee time clocks are felt most at the time of payroll process. At this time, the employees get what they deserve according to the total number of their working hours. The employees who work on the hourly basis get help from such time clocks to keep a track of their total number of hours worked. The companies use the employee time clock for accurate calculation of salary by analyzing the record of the total number of hours worked by every employee every month.

With the accurate salary calculation, employee grievances are also reducing. Thus, the satisfaction level increases.

Mostly, the employees use cards that they swipe along a slot. The machine reads the name and records the clocked time. The computer automatically adds up the payroll hours. After the completion of the pay week, the computer tallies the hours and imprints of the employee and prints them out on a spreadsheet. This results in improving the efficiency of the process of the payroll by getting rid of the human mistakes. Find out more tips here: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/employee-time-clock-tips-14427.html

This clock is normally located at the main entrance or the break room area. The individuals who don’t get paid for the lunch breaks have to clock out during lunch-time. However, no company gives the permission to an employee to clock in the timing of another employee. This is completely unethical and may lead to punishment by the company.

It is best to locate the employee time clock at the entrance of the office or building so that the employees don’t forget to clock their time in and out. This way, the employees also become cautious and result in better efficiency contributing towards the success of the company

The advancement in technology has improved employee time clocks. Today, new time clocks having additional features and benefits are available. Biometric time clocks and Web-based time clocks are the latest inventions.

Thus, an employee time clock is a foolproof solution to many woes of a company. Its increasing popularity is a testimony to this.

Buy Online Time Cards

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Buying or using online time cards can save your business both time and money. Virtually all businesses need some way of keeping track of employee hours and schedules. Time cards are one way of recording the exact time that your employees have worked and to assess problems like absenteeism or lateness.

Some business uses traditional punch clocks and paper time cards. These systems tend to be very easy to use for employees, who can punch in and out of work quickly. To use these traditional clocks, you need to stock a time card for each employee per pay period.

You can buy paper time cards online at various retailers. They come in different styles and sizes so look for one that will work with the punch clock you currently have installed. Sometimes you can get an extra discount for bulk purchases, and as you want to keep plenty on hand, this can often save you money.

Businesses are also using online time cards. There are several ways that the information can be collected. What works for one business may not work for another so consider how different options will work with your current configuration. You want to consider your payroll process, access to the time clock, equipment cost, and administrative record keeping costs.

One option is to have employees fill out online time cards via a special website or program. You can have your employees input information like the hours worked on certain projects or the overall hours worked for each pay period. Depending on the invoice set up, you may be able to extract the information from other software programs for payroll or other reports.

Another option is to work with an online company that offers various ways of tracking employee attendance. With such companies, an internet connection is needed and is connected to a card reader, biometric fingerprint reader, a dedicated computer, or a web browser. You can choose the method that works best for you and your company situation.

This option offers some advantages to companies including the ability to customize reports on employee hours, track who is working in real time, and make it so that employees need to enter their information from particular computers to prevent sign-ins from home or other locations. Many of these companies handle many of the payroll processes for you as well, which can save you time and money in administration costs.

Businesses have many options when it comes to recording employee attendance. What you choose for your business will depend on the costs involved, ease of use, and your business set up. You may want to buy online time cards for use with a traditional punch clock. You could also use an online time card through a web browser or an online company.

Going Paperless with Online Time Clock Software

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It is really possible to go paperless with using online time clock software. More and more people are starting to see the importance of being more eco-friendly, even with their businesses and education centers. Using new technology like the time clock software will make it easier to use less paper in the workplace. Here’s how it is really possible to go paperless with the online time clock software.

Using the time clock instead of time cards

We all know the systems where the employees using clock cards or time cards to prove their working hours. And, we all know that these time cards are using paper. Lots of papers for each employee a month.

However, if you’re using great online time clock software, you will be able to manage the employees hours using the software and not paper. This is not only eco-friendly, but it is making the company more efficient. There can so easily be mistakes made with time cards, because of human error or an employee that’s trying to get more money than what he worked for.


How many books does your company use for your payroll each year? And, do you really know how many trees that will be in ten year’s time?  Some of the best online time clock software has also some payroll features that will make it even easier and better to pay your employee’s salaries at the end of the month.

Making use of this software isn’t just more efficient, but will also assist in saving paper and trees. You will not need all those books a year for your payroll if you’re making use of the best time clock software. Calculating worker or student clock hours has never been easier.

Other administration tasks

There’s so many administration tasks that a company needs to do. And, if you don’t make use of the latest technology, you’re going to use lots of paper each day. This is really unnecessary to use this much paper. With the administration tasks, we’re talking about managing overtime,  leave, sick leave and all these other forms that needs to be filled out to control everything and making sure that no employee gets more leave than agreed on, or gets paid less than what they actually has worked. Especially with over time.

Using this easy time clock software, you will never need to manage any administration task by paper again. You will have a software that’s going to do all these tasks for you, and you will have everything more organized than before.

We don’t really think about all the paper that we’re using on a daily basis. But, as soon as we want to start having an eco-friendly company, then you’re really realize how much paper you’re actually using a day. And how many trees it will be in 10 years. Using all this paper is really a waste of your time and money. You can really use less paper when you’re making use of the best possible online time clock software for your business or company.

The Advantages of Using the Employee Time Tracking Software for the Companies

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There’s just not any reason why a company should not make use of the employee time tracking software, for managing your employee’s time and overtime. If you have a company that still doesn’t make use of these time clock software, then you should read these advantages that the time clock has a company.

Better management

Your administrative personnel will be able to manage every aspect of the admin so much better, when they don’t have to do it all on paper. The employee time tracking software is doing all the work, they just need to make sure that everything is entered correctly.

Because of the fact that the software will do the work, the administrative personnel will not need to work overtime and struggle to meet any deadlines.


Everyone who has a company or a business knows how hard and frustrating the payroll can be. Just as you thought that you’re done for the month, then it is time for getting ready for the next payment. Payroll is a huge task that needs lots of working hours and correct calculations.

But, if you’re using the employee time tracking software, you will not have the problems of managing and calculating your payroll each and every month. The time tracking software is doing this for you.

No more human error

We all know that when it comes to administrative work and managing the hours every worker has to work, there’s always the risk of human error. This is especially the case for freelance workers. Human errors are normal and common in any business, but really unnecessary.

Making use of the employee time tracking software, makes managing and calculating the hours of workers better and without making any mistakes. The workers also can’t argue and say that they have been paid too little salary the month, because their hours were calculated wrong.

Saving money

Yes, you buy the free employee time tracking software, but you’re also getting paid ones that you need to pay to be able to use the software. But, there are more ways to save money when using this software.

You don’t need to hire as many administration personnel as before, and there you’re going to save on paying less salaries. Then, because of fewer errors, you will not pay any more money than needed each month of hours not worked, but booked.

Another way of saving money, is that you will not need to buy as much paper as what you did before. This is because everything is getting done of the computer. Find more details here!

There’s really many types of the advantages of making use of time tracking software if you have your own business or company. There’s no reason to be scared that you will regret trying. You can use the trial version before you actually buy the software. This is a great way to make sure that the employee time tracking software is really going to be as beneficial as what most people are saying.

Things to consider when purchasing online Time Clock Software

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You might have heard about the online time clock software  that you can use for your business that will save you lots of time and money, and you’re looking to buy one for your company. But, how do you know which of these software is best, and what do you need to look for? Here some of the most important things to consider when purchasing online time clock software for your company.

The total costs of the software

The first thing that you need to consider before buying any online time clock software is the total costs that your company going to pay for this software. There’s some time clock software that’s free to use and there’s some software where you’re going to pay a monthly subscription service fee.

You need to make sure that your company can afford to pay for the monthly subscription fee of the time clock software that you’re interested in. If you can’t afford the payments, rather look for a free online time clock with great features and that’s safe and secure

The features of the software

The second thing that you need to consider before you going to buy an online time clock software, is the features of the different software that you can find. Some of the software has great features, while other software has not as many features.

It is important to know what your company needs before you select your software. And, then compare the company’s needs to the features of the different software that you can buy. You will find the one software with the features that’s suited best for your company.

Have the paid time clock software a trial that you can test

If you’re wanting to be safe and just making use of the online time clock software that you can buy online, you need to make sure that the software has a triall that you can use to test the software before you’re buying anything.

You can’t just buy something that you didn’t have tested on your company. Maybe the software is too hard to understand and to learn to use, or the software isn’t as great as what they have promised. And, if you already have paid for this software, you can do nothing about it. Then, you need to pay for something that you can’t use. Use the trial versions first and test the software before you’re going to pay for anything.

There’s really many things that you need to consider before you can buy any time clock software. You need to remember that you’re going to enter all your and your employee’s personal information into this software. It’s important to make sure that the software that you going to use is safe and will protect all the data against hackers. You should consider these things before you test or buy any online time clock software and make sure that you’re only going to use the most trustworthy and reliable software on the market.

Would you cope Without Time clock software?

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Companies normally take a while before they’re able to switch to a new system like the online time clock software. Most owners of these companies are afraid that starting to use these new software will make managing the business even harder. But, then there’s some companies that already using this software that will say that they will never come without using the time clock software ever. Here is why a company will not cope without the time clock software again.

Easy to use

The online time clock software is really easy to use. So easy that you will not need as many administrative people as before. One person will be able to handle all the administrative tasks, without working overtime.

The reason is because of the time clock software that is managing and doing most of the tasks. If the companies that already have this software in place, should go without the time clock software, will struggle because they will not have enough personnel to handle the bulk tasks that the software has done.

Less errors

We as humans are capable to make some errors. This is human and everyone makes mistakes so now and then. Using the online time clock software will make sure that everything thing that the software does for your business is error free.

And, if you’re suddenly needing to do all the work yourself again that the time clock has done, then you’re going to make big mistakes. Mistakes that will cost your business money. You will not be used to do all the administration tasks yourself.

Doing tasks faster

Without the online time clock software, it will take you days again to manage everything on paper again. It will take you days to do what the time clock software will do in a day. In a business, you can’t waste any time for doing unimportant things like administration tasks.

Time is really money. If you suddenly need to do the administration tasks the old fashion way, you’re going to take forever and will not get to the most important part of your business; making a success of it.

Saving money

Human errors and the salaries of all the administrative personnel will cost a lot of money. When you have used the online time clock software for a period, you will not have as many personnel as what you had before.

Going without the software, will then end up a disaster. This is because you might have just two administrative personnel left, and they will then need to do the work of five people. This will be a disaster for your personnel and your company.

On the one hand, you have companies that’s afraid to switch over to the time clock software, while other companies will not cope without the software anymore. Using this software has become part of most companies and if they need to cope without the software, the business will suffer and can even lead to closure. There’s so many great things that the online time clock software can do for your business, that once you start using this software, you will not be able to cope without it.

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