How to Overcome Employee Resistance to Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking Software

An important tool for eliminating much of the transactional, handling activities related to payroll is time tracking software. The American Payroll Association (APA) estimates those 7 minutes are sent to each employee timesheet, and more time is delayed tracking down late submissions and fixing timesheet errors. But traditionally, people have been resistant to time tracking, for many reasons:

·         They cannot remember to do it.

·         They find the tedious watching the clock and report their hours.

·         They feel that it is injected and takes too much time away from their real work.

·         The time management software interface is not intuitive or very easy to use.

·         They cannot access their time tracking software on the road or on the field.

Educate Employees on Why They Are Doing It

If you bill buyers for your hours, this is easy. Without good tracking software, it is durable to pay for the time you spend on a project. Many buyers just want to see a list of activities that have been aborted before they write a check. If you are not paid, the staff will not be used long. Require that the maintenance of the company and all of its employees depends on exact time tracking and management.

If you use time tracking software for project cost, you must explain to your staff that it is necessary to compute for the completion of project activities. Invalid time management can lead to unexpected overtime, exceeding the budget, bad planning, or canceling the project.

Send Email Reminders

Various time management software solutions offer automatically email reminders to users to fill out, approve or submit timesheets. This property eliminates the necessity to make personal contact or employees regarding delayed approvals or late timesheet submissions. Also, it removes the worry of the user’s mind, because they do not have to worry about doing it individually.

Account for Time Spent On Projects and Tasks

Keeping track of how much time people spend at different jobs, stimulates productivity and is a great help for employees reviews. If employees know that you want to use time tracking software in their estimation, they will be interested to fill out timesheets with consistency and accuracy.

Provide Incentives

The use of bonuses or other representatives as an incentive, or making healthy competition among office teams, is an optimistic way to apply consistently, complete data collection of any type, and can also be used for the time management. Try to give a free lunch to the team that changes consistently in timesheets on time for a fiscal quarter, or gives gift cards to employees which have no fault in their timesheets for a month. This process not only encourages camaraderie at co-workers, it rewards them for being careful, and it’s fun!

Fortunately, time tracking software is changing and new cloud-based solutions create access and use more easily or ever. Many time management software providers have mobile apps used to report on a smartphone or other mobile device while on the road or on the field. In addition, time tracking software interfaces are also friendly. In spite of all this progress, overwhelming resistance among employees may need extra tactics. Visit:

The Advantages of Using the Employee Time Tracking Software for the Companies

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There’s just not any reason why a company should not make use of the employee time tracking software, for managing your employee’s time and overtime. If you have a company that still doesn’t make use of these time clock software, then you should read these advantages that the time clock has a company.

Better management

Your administrative personnel will be able to manage every aspect of the admin so much better, when they don’t have to do it all on paper. The employee time tracking software is doing all the work, they just need to make sure that everything is entered correctly.

Because of the fact that the software will do the work, the administrative personnel will not need to work overtime and struggle to meet any deadlines.


Everyone who has a company or a business knows how hard and frustrating the payroll can be. Just as you thought that you’re done for the month, then it is time for getting ready for the next payment. Payroll is a huge task that needs lots of working hours and correct calculations.

But, if you’re using the employee time tracking software, you will not have the problems of managing and calculating your payroll each and every month. The time tracking software is doing this for you.

No more human error

We all know that when it comes to administrative work and managing the hours every worker has to work, there’s always the risk of human error. This is especially the case for freelance workers. Human errors are normal and common in any business, but really unnecessary.

Making use of the employee time tracking software, makes managing and calculating the hours of workers better and without making any mistakes. The workers also can’t argue and say that they have been paid too little salary the month, because their hours were calculated wrong.

Saving money

Yes, you buy the free employee time tracking software, but you’re also getting paid ones that you need to pay to be able to use the software. But, there are more ways to save money when using this software.

You don’t need to hire as many administration personnel as before, and there you’re going to save on paying less salaries. Then, because of fewer errors, you will not pay any more money than needed each month of hours not worked, but booked.

Another way of saving money, is that you will not need to buy as much paper as what you did before. This is because everything is getting done of the computer. Find more details here!

There’s really many types of the advantages of making use of time tracking software if you have your own business or company. There’s no reason to be scared that you will regret trying. You can use the trial version before you actually buy the software. This is a great way to make sure that the employee time tracking software is really going to be as beneficial as what most people are saying.